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Languages Spoken:




Burke County Comprehensive High School, American InterContinental University


Neighborhoods Served:

Pinellas County, Pasco County, Sarasota, and Hillsborough County

Tonya Dishmond


 I'm a Small Business Owner of an Insurance Agency in St. Petersburg, Fl.  I'm a licensed agent with 21 years experience in the Health Insurance Industry.  I extend my services in Medicare (65 and older) Obamacare, Direct through Florida Blue, Dental, Critical Illness, Accidental, Hospitalization, and Life. I am licensed to sell Health Insurance in six other States including Texas, Michigan, South Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, and Ohio.


I am from Augusta Georgia and I have been a resident of Florida for 21 years.  I have an Associates Degree in Business Administration and a Bachelors in Business Management.  I obtained both Degrees from American InterContinental University in Buckhead, Ga.

I am an upcoming author and I have a book that will come out sometime in June.  My book is basically my autobiography.  I moved to Florida to start my life over after a failed marriage,  It has not been easy but I continued to trust in God and I believe that my life had to be more than just working harder to barely make it.


When I started working for BlueCross and BlueShield of Florida in Jacksonville.  I started out as a customer service representative taking calls for benefits and claims.  I had no experience in this because I had worked 10 years in the Medical Industry.   I obtained a license as a Medical Assistant, I worked in a doctor's office drawing blood, taking x-rays and running some labs. I wanted to pursue a career as a nurse so I attended College to be an LPN but instead I started working as a Nurses Assistant in the Hospital, then an OB Tech helping the doctor deliver babies. I've always had this gift of helping people. It was something that I enjoyed doing.  The reward that I got from this was seeing the smiles on their faces and the voice of appreciation.  So when I started working for BCBSFL this was right up my alley.   I became so good at what I did that I got spot raises. I was told by a manager that I was not making enough for what I did.  I moved around in the company growing from Customer Service, to Appeals, to Human Resources, to Sales.  


When I moved to Pinellas County and worked my way up to Sales Agent, after working a few years I decided to take a leap of faith I felt and start my  own insurance Agency.  All kinds of things ran through my mind like how would I get my Customers, I have a house that I had to pay for.  What if I fail? I was told that I couldn't have my old Customers and I had a start from scratch. Was this possible? After putting most of my fears behind and things sort of fell into place. I felt this encouraging and peaceful energy that told me that everything would be alright. 


My journey has begun and I am here to offer to you all lines of Insurance.  Health, Life, Dental, Accidental, Homeowners and Auto.  I can also provide to you Notary Republic services.

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